Frequently Asked Questions

Last modified: December 09, 2022


What is REGIG?

REGIG is the most reliable way to hire real estate agents for conducting your open houses, showings, tasks, and more. REGIG enables real estate professionals to connect, create, and complete gigs around your schedule.

How does REGIG work?

REGIG works by allowing realtors to create gigs in and around their area for other real estate professionals and vendors to bid on. When a bid is accepted on a gig, both parties receive a push notification through the REGIG app throughout the lifecycle of the gig.

Who can use REGIG?

Only licensed real estate professionals are allowed to create gigs that other agents and vendors may bid on.

How do I create a REGIG account?

To create a REGIG account you must download the app from the app store and sign up. You will be prompted to verify your email and complete registration.

How do I create a gig on REGIG?

Signing up is simple. Download the REGIG app in your app store, sign-up to verify your email, set up payment, and you’re set to start creating gigs and growing your network!

How do I bid on a gig on REGIG?

To bid on a gig, you first need to enter banking information so you can get paid. After that, it’s as easy as scrolling through available gigs that suit your schedule and clicking on the bid button. Enter the desired amount you want and wait for the gig creator to accept your bid. You will receive a push notification once your bid has been accepted.

How do I know my Gig or my Bid was accepted?

Gigs and Bids have a status when initiated. At first their status is Pending or Submitted, then Accepted, In Progress, and may either be marked Complete or Incomplete. You are always aware of the life cycle of the gig through push notifications.

How do I get paid for completing a gig on REGIG?

All gigs are paid through a connected banking account through Stripe. After a gig has been marked complete, funds will be dispersed through the app and deposited into your bank account.

Can I hire someone for a gig outside of my local area?

Hiring gig workers outside of your area is not only permitted, but we also encourage it! REGIG enables you to expand your area of business while keeping your commissions safe.

How do I communicate with the person I hire for a gig?

Once a gig has been created, and a bid was accepted, the gig creator and bidder can communicate between the app and add notes that are specific to the gig, keeping the communication open and clear for both parties to ensure the gig goes smoothly for all parties involved.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a gig?

Need to cancel or reschedule, no problem! Simply go to manage the gig and change the time and/or date of the gig and update.

Can I leave feedback for the person I hire for a gig?

Leaving feedback is the only way to mark the gig complete. It is essential to let the gig creator know about any potential buyers, issues, etc. raised during the gig you performed.

How much does it cost to use REGIG?

The minimum gig is set at $40.00 and can go up depending on the service.

How much can I earn by completing gigs on REGIG?

At REGIG, we set the minimum price at $40.00 and have factored in taxes and administration fees (13.5%). So for a $40.00 gig, the gig worker receives $34.60, not bad for an hour of work!

How do I refer someone to join REGIG?

Everyone on REGIG has the ability to invite users to the platform through a referral link found on their user profile. Simply share the link with any real estate agents or vendors to add them to your network.

How do I earn a commission by referring someone to join REGIG?

Anyone who is a part of REGIG can earn a commission. When you refer agents and vendors to the platform, you will be credited 3% of the gig amount for every gig they complete. The more you invite, the more potential you have to earn passive income.